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PABX / IP PEX Installation

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IP-PBX Technology is delivering all inclusive point-of- view for voice communication needs, and it offers very useful technology with very cost-efficiency and blended desired scalability with extreme flexibility. Covering all the flexible features, IP-PBX solution supports a Variety of IP Phones, Analog Gateways as well as ATA Devices. Furthermore, IP-PBX also easily integrates with your current network environment.

An IPPBX solution is very economic hybrid VoIP solution that supports Business enterprises to offer very secure and reliable Features of IP-PBX & functionality over packet and circuit based networks. This is Very user-friendly interface facilitates with Secured authentication and authorization. This system can allow customer to customize as per individual requirement. With Authorized System administrators and allowed authenticate users can also monitor calls and track billing by each extensions in real-time. with the support of very simple features of Multiple Trunk line, its Ensuring higher successful call ratio failover mechanism and least-cost routing.

With the customization as per user oriented features and its not only reduce the space requirements but also its get rid of work load of maintenance onsite PBX System. These ultimate features of IP-PBX System’s market is demanding more and growing rapidly from enterprises.

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